Comfortech™ recognises our position as an industry leader and the serious challenges facing our environment. As such, we are committed to reducing the impact of our business operations, products and services on the environment.

Our promise to offer sustainable solutions

Comfortech Building Performance Solutions™ offer a range of products that are environmentally certified from a number of different organisations internationally.

These include Envirospec, Environmental Choice New Zealand, Environmental Choice Australia and Ecospecifier. 

Sustainability policy

We aim to:
  • Conduct our business operations in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and codes.
  • Ensure environmental safety in our workplaces.
  • Educate staff of the importance of sustainable environmental practices.
  • Ensure environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of all goods and services.
  • Prevent pollution and environmental damage by conserving energy and resources, recycling, reducing waste and implementing other appropriate environmental strategies.
As a market leading supplier we aim to:
  • Help improve the build quality of the residential and commercial property market through the promotion of innovative products that reduce energy and carbon emissions.
  • Promote the application of sustainable, renewable energy systems and low or zero carbon emission technologies.
  • Communicate these objectives to our staff, customers and industry specifiers; working with current and future suppliers.
  • Review our environmental policy and aspirations regularly.