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Be inspired for your next project with our technical presentations on Design Considerations for Non-structural Elements: Ceilings and Partition Systems, H1 Energy Efficiency, Passive Fire Protection and As Built vs As Designed.

Earn CPD Points with our technical experts. 

Presentation One: Design Considerations for Non-Structural Elements: Ceilings and Partition Systems | 10 CPD Points

Join us for an informative presentation on the design and installation considerations for non-structural elements, partition and ceiling systems. 

This session will focus on the challenges faced when managing design and engineering outcomes and onsite conflict resolution, as well as making sense of manufacturing information and engineering design requirements. We will also cover how to address seismic design and proprietary solutions, providing examples of onsite system and services conflicts and their resolutions and looking at bulkheads, openings and external framing.

The presentation will be covering a diverse range of real-world examples and there will, as always, be time for your questions.

Presentation Two: H1 Energy Efficiency Changes | 10 CPD Points

Join Pink® Batts® technical session on the Building Code changes to the 5th edition of H1. This session will focus on what the H1 insulation changes mean, the compliance pathways, real world performance modelling, addressing technical challenges and an overview of our range of innovative solutions to meet the performance requirements, along with endorsements from industry experts.

Presentation Three: Passive Fire Protection | 10 CPD Points 

At Comfortech®, we understand that Passive Fire Protection is key to every build and needs to be carefully planned and considered from initial design stages and retrofitted where possible. 

Our session on Passive Fire will provide you with an overview of Passive Fire products, their applications for fire stopping, wall, ceiling and floor systems, as well as the integral role that it has in the building envelope.

Presentation Four: As Built vs As Designed | 5 CPD Points

We explore design methodologies with an emphasis on the importance of early discussions, and the positive outcomes these can provide.

Understanding the design and construction process and highlighting areas that could be improved or better executed, with early collaboration and co-ordination between key stakeholders. i.e. designers, suppliers / manufacturers, consultants and builders.

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