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Apply for a Trade Credit Account Application

Welcome to our on-line trade credit account application. We aim to process all applications within two working days of receiving a signed copy of the application. In order to complete this application you must be an authorised person. (If you are a Government department please telephone 09 581 2399 or email for your application).

To assist with the application please have the following ready:

1. Three trade credit references
2. Driver's licence of director or business owner

Should you require any assistance please telephone 09 581 2399.

You can apply for a Trade credit application online by agreeing to the terms of trade below to proceed further.

Terms of Trade

You acknowledge that these Sale Terms are to be read in conjunction, and supplement the Fletcher Building Terms of Credit.

1. Quotation

The quoting of a price does not automatically constitute an agreement to grant credit facilities and these must be negotiated separately. The Customer is bound to pay the price from the time that the Company accepts the Customer’s order. Each accepted order will constitute a separate contract for the supply of the particular Goods on these Terms of Sale and under the Transaction Documents. A quotation does not give rise to a binding contract in respect of particular Goods until the Customer places an order which is subsequently accepted by the Company.

2. Goods Authorisation

2.1 By requesting the Company to supply Goods, the Customer authorises the Company to do all acts and things that are in the opinion of the Company necessary or desirable to supply Goods.

2.2 The Customer warrants that it has the authority to request the Company to supply Goods.

2.3 If the Customer is an agent for another party, the Customer agrees to be jointly and severally liable with its principal for all amounts payable to the Company.

2.4 All prices given by the Company in respect of the supply of Goods are estimates only unless specifically stated to be quotations.

2.5 Prices or rates estimated or quoted are in New Zealand dollars and exclusive of Goods and Services Tax. Price Lists issued for Goods may change without notice.

3. Force Majeure

If the Company by reason of any matter beyond its control including, without limitation, any act of God, strike, lock-out or other interference with work, war (declared or undeclared), blockade, disturbance, lightning, fire, earthquake, storm, flood, explosion, governmental or quasi-governmental restraint, expropriation, prohibition, intervention, embargo, unavailability or delay in availability of supplies, equipment or transport, refusal of or delay in obtaining governmental or quasi-governmental approvals, consents, permits, licences, authorities or allocations is unable to perform in whole or in part any obligation under these terms and conditions, the Company will be relieved of that obligation under these terms and conditions to the extent and for the period that it is not reasonably able to perform and will not in any way be liable to the Customer in respect of such inability.

4. Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by and to be construed in accordance with New Zealand law.

5. Definitions

“Company” means Comfortech Building Performance Solutions™ as the Supplier of Goods and Works under the Transaction Documents including these Terms of Sale;

“Customer” means the customer as legal entity and party to the Transaction Documents (including these Terms of Sale);

“Goods” means any product or thing purchased from the Company;

Transaction Documents” means, together, these Terms of Sale, Terms of Credit, Guarantee, Privacy Statement and Acknowledgement of Transaction Documents.

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I acknowledge I have read and understand these Terms & Conditions and wish to continue.

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