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Returns Policy 


The purpose of this policy is to set out the procedures for the control and management of product returns. The return of product is dependent upon the observance of the following conditions.

2.Organisational Scope

This policy applies to all Comfortech Building Performance Solutions® sales activities at all branches. This policy does not apply to products where Comfortech Building Performance Solutions® staff have inadvertently supplied incorrect quality, quantity or type of product.


For purposes of this policy, unless otherwise stated, the following definitions shall apply:

Saleable condition – this means any customer would accept this product as new

Bespoke product – product that was specifically manufactured or purchased for a particular customers requirements

A, B, C, D class items – as categorised within FirstNet

  • A class – those products that contribute to 80% of sales. Quick turnover, fast moving products

  • B class – those products that contribute to the next 15% of sales. Medium turnover product

  • C class – remaining products that contribute to the last 5% of sales. Slow moving products.

  • D class – obsolete products

4.Policy Content and Guidelines

4.1 Physical Condition - All product to be returned must be in its original packaging and in saleable condition and must be accompanied by the relevant Invoice or Packing slip

4.2 Timing - Products must be returned within 2 month of the date of purchase

4.3 Bespoke, Indent and D Class Products - Products specifically manufactured and/or sourced for a specific job and customer or Obsolete products will not be accepted as a return. Note: Minimum order quantities will apply when purchasing additional products.

4.4 Stocked Products

  1. A minimum restocking fee of $25 will apply

  2. A minimum value of product (line item) of $100 will apply

Restocking fee:

  1. A class items – 10%

  2. B class items – 15%

  3. C class items – 20%

4.5 Freight Costs - Any freight costs incurred due to the return of products will be charged to the customer returning the product

4.6 Damaged Products

  1. Any claim for damaged products must comply as follows:

    1. Visual confirmation by FBS staff

    2. Confirmation and agreement on cause of damage

    3. Sign off by FBS Account manager or Branch Operations Manager

No additional freight costs are to be incurred where visual confirmation can be achieved through photos or during a scheduled customer visit.

5. Exceptions

When there is uncertainty or lack of clarity around a specific Product Return, the Branch Operations Manager or Regional Sales Manager will make the final decision.

6. Contact

0800 45 4000 to speak with your local branch

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