The relationship's we build with our contracting customers is an integral part of a project's success.

Comfortech® is proud to offer a range of different services across our product ranges to ensure our customers get the best service, and results, every time.

Our product range:

Over the last 100 years we have selected and now stock an unparalleled range of solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. We have strong and longstanding relationships with a range of suppliers both nationally and internationally and we are always looking for the next product to add to our range. Comfortech® offers three dedicated branches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with extensive warehousing facilities, ensuring core products are always in stock and available to end users around New Zealand.

Technical support and training:

Comfortech®, together with their suppliers offer expert on-site technical advice to ensure all systems are installed as specified and in accordance to industry regulations. The emergence of specialist installers and certifiers have meant, now more than ever, what is specified needs to be supported by test data and what is installed needs to be done right. Comfortech® always ensure that any product recommendations made for a project is backed by the relevant test data and can assist in various product installation training to ensure the job is done right, every time.

Comfortech® also offer expert seismic advice on wall and ceiling systems and compliant passive fire protection systems promoting code compliant and safer interior environments for their occupants.

Backed by 100 years:

Comfortech® has strong relationships with suppliers and are always able to offer the right solution for any project as well as the best support. In addition to our reputation, built over more than 100 years, we have proven ourselves to be a business you can trust. Our product comes with full warranties and manufacturer’s guarantees, providing peace of mind to installers and their clients.