• NOVAhush Duct Liner is supplied plain and can have perforated foil or plain foil applied.
  • Independent testing shows that NOVAhush Duct Liner gives exceptional performance at the low end frequencies (125 - 500 Hertz).
  • Absorbs fan drumming noise and reduces speech transference from room to room between air conditioning outlets.
  • The thermal qualities eliminates the need to insulate the exterior of the ducting.
  • NOVAhush Duct Liner will not shed particles (fibre fall-out) or delaminate under high air flow velocities - ensuring the airstream remains clean.
  • The product is not conducive to fungal bacteria growth.
  • When installed to the manufacturer’s instructions it will remain in place ensuring the thermal effectiveness of the installed system.
  • NOVAhush Duct Liner is safe and easy to work with. No precautions are required for handling the product.
  • It will not cause irritation when touched and gives off no fumes or odours.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand by a carboNZero certified organisation.


  • Novahush Duct Liner Technical Data Sheet