The H1 Building Code changes only require walls to hold a construction R-value of 2.0, nationwide. However, the BRANZ Beacon Pathway report highlighted that the average amount of framing in walls was 34% and up to 55%, rather than the previously assumed 12 - 18% framing, raising an increased interest in higher R-value products for walls. With the higher than assumed thermal bridging and a code that requires construction R-values to be used, we expect the market to move quickly, using R2.8 wall batts® in 90mm framed walls to meet the intent of the code. For wall framing percentages above 25%, 140mm framing should be considered, where Comfortech® offer an R-value as high as R4.3.

Our Pink® Batts® ULTRA® insulation products with an R-value of 2.6 and 2.8 for a 90mm wall, or R3.2 to R4.3 for 140mm walls, ensure that even with 34% thermal bridging through the framing, you can meet the required H1 5th Edition Construction R-values.


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