Bioguard Acoustic OP RH100 is the perfect ceiling solution for PC1 and PC2 Clean Rooms and for healthcare applications.


• Specially developed for high humidity
• Anti-microbial performance provides protection against bio-contamination
• Clean Room performance
• Durable, Washable, Smooth surface
• High sound absorption (NRC 0.90) for reduced
reverberation and quieter spaces
• High light reflective finish
• Sustainable – Green Star contribution

Application Areas
• Healthcare facilities including
Hydrotherapy pools
• Clean Rooms & Laboratories, including
PC1 and PC2 Certified Facilities
• Locker rooms, shower areas
• Indoor pools
• Parking garages
• Marine use
• Exterior Soffits


  • Armstrong

    Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic

    Offers very good acoustic performance with a smooth finish

    Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles