The RH99 HumiGuard Plus formula provides a 30 year warranty against sag, surface growth of mould and mildew when installed in Armstrong Peakform 24mm steel grid, Armstrong Suprafine or Silhouette 15mm steel grid and Armstrong Blue Tongue Aluminium 24mm grid.

Conforms with BCA Spec. C1.10 and tested to AS/NZS 3837:1998 – Group 1, ISO 5660 – Group 1 –S.

  • Provides perfect total acoustical balance, ideal for working and learning environments
  • TOTAL ACOUSTICS™ Performance (NRC+CAC)
    • Excellent sound attenuation, improving room to room privacy
    • High sound absorption for reduced reverberation and quieter spaces
  • Sustainable Contribution
    • Global GreenTagCERT TM GreenRate™ Level A Certified for Green Star™
  • Durable, reinforced, scratch resistant face
  • New smooth finish with high light reflective finish for a brighter space
  • Complete range of edge details
  • Humiguard™ Plus RH99 Sag Resistance
  • ISO 3 Clean Room Performance Resistance
  • ISO 3 Clean Room Performance