• Comprehensive solutions for Two Way and Dry Wall Ceiling Systems
  • Robust to resist lateral forces and maintain structural integrity during a seismic event
  • Minimises panels and plasterboard sheets from dislodging and blocking evacuation paths
  • Enhances the safety of building occupants

Armstrong Seismic Design Calculator

The Armstrong Seismic Design Calculator, when applied with the Seismic Design and Installation Guide - enables correct application of various Armstrong Suspended Ceiling Grid Systems, including PeakForm (Steel), Blue Tongue (Aluminium) and U-Profile (including Axiom Pelmets).

Based on specific project information, the Calculator will generate data* on the required: Perimeter Seismic Gap, Bracing Types and Perimeter Fixing.

*Note: This data must be certified by a qualified engineer.

Compliant with the following standards

The design of Armstrong suspended ceiling grid systems, bracing and fixing types shown in the Seismic Design Guide are developed in accordance with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 2785:2020 Suspended ceiling – Design and installation
  • AS1170.4 Earthquake Loads Aust
  • AS1170.5 Earthquake Loads NZ
  • NZS 4219: 2009 Seismic Performance Of Engineering Systems In Buildings

Forman Building Systems is able to offer support in using Armstrong Seismic Design Calculator or if needed facilitating getting a PS1 from a Qualified Engineer.