• Approvals for Hebel walls along with 60 & 120 minute F.R Plasterboard
  • Approved for copper pair coils with fire rated and non fire rated insulation
  • Approved for selected PEX pipes
  • No backing required in the penetration
  • Tested to AS1530.4 & AS4072.1
  • Expands when heat is applied to it filling the penetration and taking up the space of any service or insulation that melts leaving an opening.
  • It can be painted after 24 hours of installation , skin formation occurs within 15 mins on a typical 20oC day. Humidity of greater than 65% will result in extended drying time.
  • Substrate must be free of oil, grease and dust before installation. Clean tools with water after use.


  • PROMASEAL®-AG Acrylic Intumescent Sealant Safety Data Sheet
  • PROMASEAL®-AG System Certificate
  • PROMASEAL®-AG Acrylic Intumescent Sealant Flyer