• Refer to Promaseal Fyrestrip table - PROMASEAL® FyreStrip is ideal for sealing high movement joints at junctions between compartment walls and floors. Its flexibility makes them suitable for use in a variety of configurations. The fire performance of PROMASEAL® FyreStrip will vary according to the particular application. The width of the gap into which the strip will be inserted as well as the orientation of the strip affect the level of fire resistance provided.
  • The thickness of PROMASEAL® FyreStrip is determined by the minimum and maximum width of the gap expected during the lifetime of the building.
  • Can handle up to 50% movement
  • Suitable for gaps up to 100mm
  • Vertical or horizontal use
  • Tested to AS1530.4 & AS4072.1


  • PROMASEAL® FyreStrip Data Sheet
  • PROMASEAL® Fyreguard Expansion Strip SDS