• Around 300mm long for cables and cable trays through walls.
  • 600mm long for most other services and orientations
  • Will provide up to 120 minutes insulation on various types of services when used in partnership with other Promat
  • Firestopping products.
  • Sold as a roll to be cut to size on site.
  • Tested to AS1530.4 & AS4072.1
  • For metal pipes in walls and all services through slabs. A length of 600mm is required using the PROMASEAL® SupaWrap. Generally, the requirement is for application to both faces of the element. However, for slabs there are selected approvals available for application to the top side only.
  • Cable trays and cables while not as highly conductive as metal pipes will still transfer heat to the unexposed side of a fire resisting element. In these cases the penetrating element must be protected so as to not transfer this heat and possibly contribute to fire spread. The advantage of the PROMASEAL® SupaWrap product is that the extension of the wrap is only for 300mm* (depending on wall thickness) from the face of the wall as opposed to other solutions that can be as long as 800mm.


  • PROMASEAL® SupaWrap Safety Data Sheet
  • PROMASEAL® SupaWrap Technical Bulletin
  • Promaseal Supawrap Certificate