Build it faster and cleaner with ClimateLine.

  • No plastering or painting require – up to 60% faster
  • No dust
  • No paint fumes
  • Easy to install – scores and snaps just like normal plasterboard and repairs like painted plasterboard if damaged
  • Climate Decor Shield finish – factory applied powder coat finish has excellent durability, moisture resistance and wipes clean
  • Cost competitive – installed cost is similar to painted plasterboard
  • Sustainability features – Environmental Choice accredited New Zealand made plasterboard and Climate Zero VOC, low waste, powder coating finish.
  • ClimateLine® pre-finished plasterboard significantly saves time and the amount of resources required on-site, as the coating is applied within a factory environment.
  • ClimateLine® coloured plasterboard finish is consistent and very durable.
  • Powder coating of panel jointers ensures the exact colour matching between the ClimateLine coloured plaster board and the panel jointers.
  • For ease of replacement purposes Climate® holds a limited amount of ClimateLine® pre-finished plasterboard in stock.
  • Powder Coating application is at the forefront of coating technology in reducing air pollution by eliminating volatile compounds (VOC’s) in line with the Clean Air Act and are universally accepted and specified as the best available control technology to reduce air pollution.
  • Powder Coatings have many advantages over conventionally applied coatings from a process and performance perspective, however it is the ecological advantages of powder coatings which continue to drive their acceptance.
  • ISO 5660-1 Group 1S classification (in accordance with NZBC Verification Method C/VM2 Appendix A).
  • Hygiene Finish NZBC G3.3.2 Food Preparation & Prevention of Contamination
  • NZBC B2.3.1(c) Durability 5 years