The Studco SlimWall system is fully adjustable for use on uneven surfaces and is suitable for use with almost any wall structure, including precast concrete panels, masonry walls, timber framing and lightweight steel stud systems. Once the SlimWall M163 brackets are fixed to the external wall using shot pins or masonry anchors, the Studco SlimCeil M355 channel is inserted into the brackets and screwed in, achieving a secure and permanent fixing that can support a wide variety of lining board types and weights.

  • Acoustic mount options available
  • Details on insulating available
  • Timber, Steel and Masonry fixing options.
  • SlimWall offers the highest square meter strength for lining weights and shelf loading.
  • 28mm Furring Channel
  • 16mm Furring Channel
  • SlimWall Bracket 69-92mm Cavity
  • SlimWall Bracket 85-108mm Cavity
  • SlimWall 35mm Low Clearance Channel 0.5mm M29/308 Direct Fix Wall Clip