Nogging track punched at 300, 400, 450, 600 ctrs, individual notched noggings, standard track and deflection head track are also available along with other accessories available.

  • Our steel stud and wall framing systems have enhanced strength making them tougher, safer and more reliable for load bearing capacities.
  • The Studco lipped wall studs are available in various widths and gauges from 0.50BMT to 1.15BMT Bell mouth service holes are punched at 500mm centres eliminating the need for cabling grommets.
  • The knurled face along the stud flange provides a positive screw point location.
  • Studs can be boxed or spliced to extend the overall length or to provide strengthening if required.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality cold-formed BlueScope Steel.
  • 92 mm Acoustic stud In varying lengths and From 0.5 bmt – 1.15bmt (base metal thickness)

Contact Comfortech™ for support with Specifying Spans of stud walls that meet NZ building code 1170 standards for seismic and wind.