All standard external angle range of Trim90 beads are packaged in cartons to provide protection for your convenience.

  • Designed for installation by professional plasterboard contractors
  • Provide a clean defined edge on either curved or straight plasterboard details
  • Perforated legs provide a strong key for building board finishing compound
  • Optimum nib profile provides a knock resistant corner
  • Will suit all standard building boards
  • Custom profiles available
  • 90˚ External Corners and Internal Corners
  • 135˚ External Corners and Internal Corners
  • Angles and Utility Angles
  • Top Hat Bath Channel
  • Metal Stopping Beads, Metal Chasing Beads and Arch Beads
  • Bullnose Sections
  • Shadowline Stopping Angles and Stopping Angles
  • Expansion Joints
  • Aluminium Head Track and Aluminium Wall Track.