• The SPAC Deckform system was developed to cater for the needs of Architects and Designers desiring an inaccessible system with the optimum of resistance to vandalism or abuse.
  • Manufactured from 0.75mm Zincalume steel in a 150mm wide module system. For those applications not demanding high security requirements, SPAC Deckform system can be produced in a 0.55mm BMT, providing a more economical option.
  • SPAC Deckform is available in perforated forms and various finishes such as Colorbond, Baked Enamel, Powder Coat or Clear Lacquer over Zincalume.
  • Each panel is nominal 150mm wide and has a thickness of 20mm. It can be made perforated, or non-perforated and is available in a wide range of surface finishes.