Key features
  • Contemporary appearance
  • Flexibility of rotating panels and fixtures by 90 degrees
  • Simple accessibility to plenum space
  • Custom sizes, finishes and perforation options available, including “chilled beam compatible” designs
  • TOTAL ACOUSTICS™ Performance Options (NRC+CAC)
    • Excellent sound attenuation, improving room to room privacy
    • High sound absorption for reduced reverberation and quieter spaces
  • Sustainable Contribution
    • Global GreenTagCERT TM GreenRate™ Level A Certified for Green Star™
    • GreenTagCERT TM Gold Health Product Rating for WELL™ Building Standard™
  • Panel Sizes
    • For 1200mm x 1200mm Modules - 1200mm x 300mm, 1200mm x 400mm
    • For 1350mm x 1350mm Modules - 1350 x 450mm
    • For 1500mm x 1500mm Modules - 1500 x 300mm, 1500mm x 375mm ,1500 x 500mm
    • Other sizes available on request.
Acoustic performance
  • NRC up to 0.75 with Acoustical Fleece
  • NRC up to 0.90 with Acoustical Infill
  • CAC up to 18dB with Acoustical Fleece
  • CAC up to 38dB with “B15” Mineral Acoustical Infill
  • CAC up to 40dB with “B19” Mineral Acoustical Infill


  • Armstrong

    Armstrong Metalworks Lay-In

    Cost effective solution to introduce a perforated metal ceiling in commercial spaces

    Metal Ceiling Systems
  • Armstrong

    Armstrong Metalworks Mesh

    A contemporary solution to create industrial "exposed" interior spaces

    Metal Ceiling Systems
  • Armstrong

    Armstrong Metalworks Open Cell

    Visually striking open space look to an interior ceiling space

    Metal Ceiling Systems