Engineered to give you design control, Armstrong Drywall Grid Systems easily integrate all the mechanical fixtures mechanical services such as: recessed light fixtures, access panels, air diffusers, smoke detectors, sprinklers and speakers – to ensure they can be located in the position you choose.

Key features

  • PeakForm – Patented profile increases strength and stability for improved performance during installation
  • Knurled Face – For positive screw penetration into tees
  • SuperLock / XL2 – End Clips on Main Bars and Cross Runners are engineered for a strong secure connection and fast accurate alignment – confirmed with an audible click. Grid is easy to remove and relocate.
  • ScrewStop – Reverse hem prevents screw spin off on tee face 38mm Wide Face on Main Bars and Cross Runners for easy installation of screw fixed plasterboard.
  • Rotary stitched Double Thickness Web for additional torsional strength and stability Simple Integration of Mechanical Services.

When you specify Armstrong® Drywall Grid Systems, you’re assured a quality product that reduces risk while protecting the environment.

Armstrong Drywall Grid

  • Is produced from 25% recycled content
  • Is fully recyclable at end of life
  • Provides significant savings in material compared to traditional systems
  • Armstrong Drywall Grid is designed and manufactured to comply with the following standards
    • AS/NZ 2785-2000: Suspended Ceilings – Design and Installation
    • AS/NZ 2589-2007: Gypsum linings – Application and finishing
    • AS/NZ 1397-2002: Steel sheet and strip – Hot-dipped zinc-coated or aluminium/zinc-coated
    • AS/NZ 4600-2005: Cold-formed steel structures
    • AS/NZ 1170-2002: Structural Design Actions


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