RippleSound is specifically designed to assist in the control of moisture within harsh Aquatic centre environments. By utilising our own mechanically-fixed polythene vapour barrier, RippleSound has become the ceiling of choice for this environment. Some competitors use tapes to seal their vapour barrier, but you won’t find any tape above a RippleSound ceiling. Modern aquatic centres can be very noisy environments.

RippleSound is designed to reduce reverberation and an NRC of 0.70 and above can easily be achieved. By introducing a thermal insulation at the ceiling level, RippleSound can considerably reduce heating and cooling costs over the life of a building. The system also assists in improving internal lighting and minimises dust build up. Having been installed in harsh pool environments for the last 30 years, we are confident that RippleSound will last the journey. This is backed by our commitment to offer a product warranty when installed in an aquatic environment. 

  • RippleTone is made of corrugated perforated aluminium.
  • Suitable for high moisture areas such as aquatic centres.
  • Benefits of RippleTone ceilings
    • Polythene Vapour Barrier controls condensation
    • Great visual appeal
    • Extremely lightweight with longitudinal flexibility
    • Environmentally Friendly
  • Installed on Renhurst FasTrack® Suspension System
  • RippleSound is to be installed in the Fastrack suspension system and is to include the installation of an acrylic acoustic/thermal blanket of not less than 50mm thickness with a minimum density of 14kg/m3.
  • The system is set to include a vapor barrier of75um UV treated virgin polythene mechanically fixed the the Fastrack suspension system using the PCPVC poly clip.
  • All other areas should be sealed in accordance with the manufactures recommendations. The ceiling must be installed in accordance with the appropriate procedures as approved by the manufacturer.


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