Key features

  • Armstrong Clean Room Grid with BIOGUARD Acoustic panels achieves ISO Class 4 (As Built Operational State) according to ISO 14644-1:1999 and Class 10, according to US FS 209 E
  • Extruded aluminium grid profile, suitable for use in magnetic imaging environments*
  • Factory fitted gasket provides seal between grid face and panel
  • PVC hold down clip for positive pressure environments
  • Cross tee provides clean and secure locked connection
  • Polyester powdercoat finish

Component specifications

  • Clean Room Grid
    • BP454032 - 3600mm Main Beam
    • BP453032 - 1200mm Cross Tee
    • BP452032 - 600mm Cross Tee
  • Angle moulding
    • BPT1925HAC - 3600mm Wall Angle
  • Accessories
    • BP4501 - Clean Room Grid PVC hold down clip for Lay-in Board
    • MBJ - Main Beam Joiner (Stainless Non-magnetic)
    • ALSCLH - Suspension Clip


  • Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic Data Sheet
  • Armstrong Cleanroom Grid Data Sheet
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