Blue tongue Aluminium Grid Key Features

  • Full and rapid demountability and re-use of components
  • Complete range of interlocking accessories
  • Choice of module sizes, including 1200x1200, 1350x1350 and 1500x1500
  • Engineered and tested system
  • Complete integration with Perimeter/Pelmet Systems Technical Features
  • Produced from proven 6063 T5 grade extruded aluminium
  • Polyester Powdercoat
  • Compliant to AS/NZS2785:2000 – Suspended Ceiling Code

Modular Grid Features

  • Simplicity of square module, enabling panels and light fixtures to be rotated by 900
  • Robust extruded aluminium “top hat” profile for both primary and secondary sections
  • Clean, flush fitting, mitred grid intersections

One Way Grid Features

  • Up-market visual
  • Minimum Exposed Grid
  • Simple removal of panels / Full accessibility
  • Locking Splines ensures
    • Rigidity – minimising creep or racking
    • Reduces requirement for bracing
    • Precise panel alignment

Two Way Grid Features

  • Practical and simple
  • Full accessibility to plenum
  • Simple removal of panels
  • Best ceiling longevity with lowest maintenance costs


  • Armstrong Blue Tongue Aluminium Modular Grid Brochure
  • Armstrong Blue Tongue Aluminium One Way Grid Brochure
  • Armstrong Blue Tongue Aluminium Grid Accessories
  • Armstrong Blue Tongue Aluminium Two Way Grid Brochure
  • Armstrong Blue Tongue Aluminium Grid Brochure
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