• PeakForm is an innovative design for Main Bars and Cross Runners. The taller PeakForm profiles are engineered to create a stronger, more stable suspension system making installation both faster and easier.
  • PeakForm Main Bars feature a firm, quick and easy assembled Main Bar to Main Bar / bulb to-bulb connection.
  • The staked-on Superlock joiner clip allows for Main Bars to be disconnected and reconnected laterally in low clearance areas or in the middle of a room. Superlock is an industry first staked-on clip for Main Bars which provide tighter, secure bulb-to-bulb connections; connections are confirmed by an audible click.
  • Thin gauge technology: A lighter carton weight enables easier handling on site, plus the added benefit of the PeakForm bulb allows easy cutting of the grid.
  • Physical Detail: All grid sections are made from double-web galvanised steel with a surface finish of baked polyester paint. Rotary Stitched for strength All PeakForm components feature a unique “rotary stitched” construction. The two metal layers of the vertical web are mechanically locked together in a sophisticated in-line process. Stitching enhances the torsional resistance and general “feel” of the PeakForm.
  • Compliant with Australian & New Zealand Standards: PeakForm suspension systems meet the requirements of AS/NZS 2785-2000 “Suspended Ceilings Design and Installation” and are designed for use with a wide variety of Armstrong ceiling products including: mineral and soft fibre, metal, wood, plasterboard and other special panels.

Scope - The contractor to furnish all materials, labour and equipment for the erection of the exposed ceiling system where so indicated on the architectural drawings.

Material - Ceiling suspension shall be Armstrong PeakForm two way exposed, hot dipped galvanised steel system; (either): Prelude XL2 24mm Tee, SupraFine XL2 15mm Tee, or Silhouette XL2 15mm Steel Exposed Slotted “shadowline hat” profiles. All materials supplied by Armstrong meet the requirements of Australian Standard 2785-2000 “Suspended Ceilings Design and Installation”.

Perimeter Detail - Wall Angles should be fixed to wall at 450mm centres. Exposed ceiling grid members intersecting with the Wall Angle or Shadowline Wall Angle, may either be unfixed, or fastened with a Roll In Clip.

Installation - The Main Bar shall be hung with a 5mm galvanised rod and clip system or 2.5mm wire, accurately levelled. Suspension points shall be spaced at 1200mm* centres along the Main Bar. Cross Runners shall intersect and be positively locked to Main Bars. Panel Hold Down Clips to be used as required. Hangers, Main Bars and Cross Runner shall be spaced so as not to exceed the design ceiling load or as may otherwise be required to prevent deflection in excess of 1/360 of the span of the spacers or Main Bars. Where light fittings, air conditioning fixtures etc are to be supported by the grid system, extra hangers may be required. Down bracing to be incorporated in ceiling systems when used externally or adjacent to opening prone to sudden uplift caused by external wind forces.

* For suspension points greater than 1200mm centres along the Main Bar, contact your local Armstrong representative for load ratings.


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