M190 Connector, Designed to accommodate vertical deflection in buildings between steel stud walls and the structure, the Studco M190 range of bypass framing connectors offers a fast and versatile solution.

Designed and tested for a variety of uses including bracing high walls, fixing freestanding walls, and fixing bypass framing (stud curtain walls). These connectors can be fixed to concrete and steel structures using masonry anchors, structural screws, powder-actuate pins or welded joints.

Studco’s M190 connectors are a safer and stronger alternative to common site-built bracing options using stud and track offcuts, which are not guaranteed to be fit for purpose and have been known to suffer critical failure.

Top Hat are used for fixing support for lining material where the structural framework is not suitable for fixing directly to.

Studco offers a comprehensive range of premium quality top hats with improved performance and excellent durability, thanks to the innovative roll-formed profile of the section and the use of high grade galvanised steel. Our steel top hats are available in 0.75mm and 1.15mm gauge steel and come in a range of heights and widths.

Studco also manufactures a unique 120mm wide top hat for use at lining board junctions, where two lining boards meet and minimum edge distances must be maintained on screw-fixed lining boards. This section utilises a self-adhesive foam backing strip (purchased separately) for weather-tight seals between lining boards and is used in conjunction with our other 35mm high top hats to create a complete facade framing solution.