GMS Metal Recycling Project

Whisper - the ultimate solution to keeping noise to a minimum 

We were approached by Mark Pepperell, the owner of TIKA Interiors who had been presented with a problem, and who was seeking our support in offering a solution.

GMS Metal Recycling were having issues with neighbouring properties due to the excess noise created at the plant when performing some of the sorting processes.

After Speaking to the CEO, Roger Wilson, he shared that as a business they didn’t want to inconvenience their neighbours or damage their reputation and were keen to find a solution to the noise problem.

Comfortech® visited the site to asses conditions and suggested Whisper, an acoustic insulation, would be most suitable due to its excellent acoustic properties, and in particular its extremely durable nature in this type of harsh industrial environment. 

After TIKA completed the install, in conjunction with some other barriers like staked shipping containers, Daniel Gibbs of Comfortech® visited the site to ensure the desired outcome was achieved.

When Roger was asked if the product made a difference, he simply answered “well, we are still operating!". During the same meeting, Roger joked that he was keen to see how long the panels would stay white for in that environment but was happy to learn that even if they discoloured, they are easy to scrub them down with soapy water, a hard bristle brush and a hose! This will return them to their white finish with zero impact to the product performance and integrity.

When Roger was asked if the product made a difference, he simply answered “well, we are still operating!"