ClimateLine® Pre-Finished Plasterboard transforms school.

At Comfortech®, we were presented with an opportunity to help transform the SIP Academy School in Mount Roskill from a tired commercial space, into a great learning and teaching environment. We supplied the school with one of our awesome products; ClimateLine® pre-finished plasterboard. This was the perfect option for the Academy as it doesn’t require plastering or painting, is made from non-hazardous materials and is available in a range of sizes. It is also up to 60% faster for installation, which is great for projects with tight deadlines.

SIP Academy has a longstanding reputation in the tutoring and academic community, with the idea to create 15 learning environments across New Zealand. Their goal is to assist children with their counting skills, memory, recall, concentration, listing and confidence. This is a project that we were thrilled to collaborate with ClimateLine® on, helping to achieve our goal of creating New Zealand’s most comfortable living and working spaces.

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