GridAKL - 12 Madden Street

Comfortech® have been involved in the realisation of two key properties for GridAKL in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct. This buzzing new waterfront neighbourhood is designed to “facilitate creativity, spur innovation and make it easier for businesses to respond to change, both through building design and proximity to likeminded businesses” and is fast developing as a hub for not only business but residential and commercial users interconnected by a network of landscaped laneways. With guiding principles of sustainability, innovation and respect for local heritage both buildings have a 5 Green Star rating.

Application: Armstrong Metalworks baffles were used in the café and reception area using a very unique installation.  

This building is New Zealand’s first and largest purpose-built coworking space, designed to give innovative companies of all sizes the best possible working environment in which to thrive. The architecture and interior design of the workspaces and fittings, meeting rooms and social areas, reflects the state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge operations which take place within the space.

“It’s never easy to create something unique and different using a proprietary system however, in this space the designer has used a completely distinctive pattern and installation than what we would usually do,” says Elena.

The design consists of a 1200x1200mm Armstrong Metalworks baffle system with cross braces in the center of each module for light fitting support.

“The ceiling in the Grid lounge was a collaborative effort between Jasmax and Comfortech® and to date, it has been a great meeting space for Grid Lounge members and public events,” says Patricia. “The ceiling system helped us achieve our 'Marketplace' concept for the ground floor and we're delighted with the result. It's always rewarding when a unique outcome is achieved, especially with products that are used extensively in commercial fit outs."

Products Used

  • Armstrong

    Armstrong Metalworks V-P500 Acoustic Baffle

    Benefits of traditional fibreglass solutions while adding durability, easy installation and being fully demountable

    Metal Ceiling Systems