• Double Peakform, 62mm high profile for heavy duty requirements with point load capacity of up to 195kg* (Based on Design Type 4/75 – see page 8 of brochure)
  • Suspension system supports load from the face of the suspension system using M10 threaded rod and integrated hanging clips:
    • Allows for flexible and reconfigurable overhead cable trays, electrical distribution, and hot aisle containment to meet client needs without a separate strut channel system
    • Eliminates unsightly threaded rod penetrations through the ceiling plane for improved access and aesthetics
    • Reduced ceiling penetrations help minimise unwanted air infiltration
  • Armstrong Data Centre Heavy Duty Grid
    • BP484090 - Main Beam 3600mm
    • BP483094 - Cross Tee 1200mm
    • BP482094 - Cross Tee 600mm
  • Accessories
    • PMHC - Prelude Max Hanging Clip
    • PMLC - Prelude 24 Max Load Connector
    • IJCA - Intersection Joint Clip
    • XTAC - Cross Tee Adapter Clip
    • TLMBS - Top Lock Main runner Splice Clip
    • PMHDC - Maximum Hold Down Clip


  • Armstrong Prelude 24 MAX Installation Guide
  • Armstrong Prelude 24 MAX Heavy Duty Grid Brochure
  • Armstrong

    Armstrong Peakform Steel Grid

    Three steel exposed Peakform grid systems which combine superior durability and stability for a refined appearance

    Suspension Systems
  • Armstrong

    Armstrong Blue Tongue Aluminium Grid Systems

    Extruded aluminium grid systems

    Suspension Systems
  • Armstrong

    Armstrong Cleanroom Grid

    Designed for "Clean Room" environments that are sensitive to dust and other airborne particle contamination

    Suspension Systems